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Welcome! Our latest “tid-bit” is about the first Cape Cod baseball team. It was in Sandwich and they played in a field on School Street. See all the historical “tid-bits” listed in the column on the left.

About the Banners  (refresh the page to see all 3)

One of our masthead banners is from the painting “The Old Sandwich Glass Works” by the late John H. Stone. It used to hang in the Selectmen’s Office in the Town Hall.

The Bird’s Eye map was drawn in 1884 by A. F. Poole and is titled: “Sandwich Village, Barnstable County, Mass., looking west.”   More information and view of complete map.

The third banner (refresh page to see all three) is the great Sandwich Marsh. This vast supply of “free hay” was one of the main attractions for the English settlers back in 1637.

 About the Town Seal

Sandwich Town Seal
All Bay State towns were required to establish a town seal by 1900. The design adopted for Sandwich was proposed by Miss Melanie Elisabeth Norton, daughter of Col. Charles L. Norton, and soon to be the wife of Jonathan Leonard.

The seal for Sandwich in Kent, England had 3 ships with lion heads.  Miss Norton drew American eagles in place of the British lions. On the version of the seal above, those 3 blips on the ships don’t look much like eagles, but we hear from the Leonard’s grandson that the town is working on re-drawing the seal so the eagles can be more easily discerned.

By the way, the Latin inscription means:

“Haven after many a shipwreck” 

About Sandwich, Seals and Sandwiches

About Town Hall

Sandwich Town Hall late 1870s

Sandwich Town Hall late 1870s

In 2011 Sandwich Town Hall was granted a Preservation Award for Rehabilitation & Restoration  by the Massachusetts Historical Commission.

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