1795 Massachusetts Map

“An Accurate Map of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Exclusive of the District of Maine”
“Compiled pursuant to an Act of the General Court, From Actual Surveys of the several Towns &c. Taken By Their Order”

“Exhibiting the boundary Lines of the Commonwealth, the Counties and Towns, the principle Roads, Rivers, Mountains, Mines, Islands, Rocks, Shoals, Channels, Lakes, Ponds, Falls, Mills, Manufactures & Public Buildings with the true Latitudes & Longitudes, &c. By Osgood Carleton”

A remarkable early map of the entire commonwealth indicating the distance from each town to Boston and its county seat. The artwork accompanying the map is equally remarkable, part of which is shown in this thumbnail. Courtesy, Boston Public Library.

The map is made available in a low resolution version, downloadable in a single file, or in four separate files at full resolution. If you have trouble viewing the photos in the Google’s Chrome browser, try Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Click a link, below to open in a new browser tab.
Low Resolution full map 20.84 MB
High resolution NE quadrant 13.65 MB
High resolution NW quadrant 14.10 MB
High resolution SW quadrant 14.12 MB
High resolution SE quadrant 13.35 MB

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