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On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Sandwich 375 Committee, congratulations and great thanks the 1600s BASH Team under the brilliant leadership of Bill Daley for a remarkable 1600 BASH, on May 18th!

Over a year of planning went into this event and with everything well planned, set and ready to go, everything had to be changed six days before the scheduled date due to the inclement weather forecasted for Saturday. But they made it happen with teamwork!

Our first BASH was amazing -lots of happy faces enjoying the 1600 BASH events and the beautiful weather that went with it! From what I heard, the team more than achieved their goals of educating, and entertaining while having fun doing it.

A number of the committee members deserve special thanks for the jobs that they performed.
Don Bayley, Jim Coogan and Bill Collins set up and took down tables, chairs and tents. They even loaded and unloaded the 600 pound Wampanoag boat!
Cecily Denson coordinated volunteers at the Hoxie house and had the New Plimmoth Gard set up at her home.
Desiree Mobed led a very entertaining Kids’ Zone.

Our wonderful re-enactors: Wendy King as Ruth Chipman Sargent, Doug Dexter as Tom Dexter, Tom Vincent as Constable Vincent, and Barbara Brann-Weir as Deborah Wing.

Jeff Duffany and Mike Welsh for bringing their 8th graders as volunteers and for helping out all day.
The 8th grade students, Boy Scouts and Key Club members who helped in the Kids’ Zone.

Sue Vibberts for organizing the Sandwich Police Academy members, who assisted with the parking and for giving up their time to benefit others.

Lastly, a special nod to John Cullity who adjusted his schedule to give his talk about the Society of Friends at the fascinating Quaker Meeting House.

We wish to also thank the good folks who demonstrated crafts, impersonated characters and supplied us with support; as well as to the town department heads and their staff who provided services and access to the Hoxie and Grist Mill.

Great team effort by all and much appreciated!
Cindy Russell, Chair
Sandwich 375 Committee


The Village was turned back in time to the 1600s.

HoxieHouse1stChurch29:30AM – 4PM First Church of Christ. Pilgrim Worship Service where participants will wear period clothing. Pastor Anne Cubbage and members of the Church have been coordinating with Paul Jehle, historic services coordinator at Aptuxet Trading Post, to replicate a Pilgrim Worship Service including an edited version of 17th Century sermon and period music. Following the Service, period foods will be offered during fellowship time. The historic church will be open for visitors until 4 PM with historical displays, including the 1675 Bell, and costumed docents.

10AM – 4PM Hoxie House – Open: Meet Rev. Smith at his home in 1675 while the New Plimmoth Gard militia demonstrates a pike and militia drill. They will have muskets, swords, drummers and a flag bearer. They will set up a camp site and display their military skills replicating the 1620-1640 period. Nearby, children learn games that were most likely played by Rev. Smith’s 13 children. Miles_StandishMiles Standish will arrive from Plymouth to inspect the conditions of the roads and to converse with Rev. Smith about attendance at the Meeting House.


10AM – 4PM Dexter Grist Mill – Open House: Thomas Dexter (portrayed by descendant Doug Dexter) will be at his mill, the Dexter Grist Mill, assisted by mill worker volunteers

10AM – 4PM: Matriarch Deborah Wing, a widow who arrived in 1637, will meet and greet visitors throughout the village and tell tales about her family.

Wampanoag10AM – 4PM Wampanoag Summer Camp at Town Hall Square Park: demonstrations of pottery making 2 – 4 pm, corn husk doll making 1 – 2 pm, “mishoon” boat burning 10:30 am – 3:30 pm, basketry or weaving 10 am – noon, wampum making 1 – 3:30 pm, interactive games 10 am – 1 pm and 2 – 4 pm, and authentic Wampanoag food provided by Sherry Pocknett of Sly Fox Den.

Noon – 4PM Quaker Meeting House – Open: Located at 6 Quaker Road Quaker and Spring Hill Roads, off Route 6A, East Sandwich. At 1PM John Cullity will talk about the Society of Friends and immediately following will be a tour of the Quaker burial ground.

1PM – 3PM: Stocks and Pillory in front of the Dan’l Webster: Constable Vincent (portrayed by descendent Tom Vincent) will be giving punishment to rowdy townsfolk.

10AM – 12PM and 2PM – 4PM: Ruth Chipman, widow of Richard Bourne and a very respected nurse in the 1600s, will be walking around the village

10AM – 4PM on the library lawn: demonstrations of 1600s crafts including basket making, spinning, weaving and wood turning.


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(Photo Credits: Don Bayley, Bill Diedering, Linell Grundman, Samantha Hendy)


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