2013 Agendas/Minutes

All agendas and minutes are available in the Sandwich Town Clerk‘s office. Documents may be viewed in the Clerk’s office at no charge. Copies are $0.20 per page.
2012 Agendas & Minutes.
2011 Agendas & Minutes.

Agenda Minutes
SHC Agenda 2013-01-09 SHC Minutes 2013-01-09
SHC Agenda v2 2013-02-06 SHC Minutes 2013-02-06
SHC Agenda 2013-03-06
Agenda Notes
SHC Minutes 2013-03-06
SHC Agenda 2013-04-03 SHC Minutes 2013-04-02
SHC Agenda 2013-05-01 SHC Minutes 2013-05-01
SHC Agenda 2013-06-05    Sand Hill Schoolhouse Power Point SHC Minutes 2013-06-05
SHC Agenda 2013-07-09 SHC Minutes 2013-07-09
Aug – No Meeting Aug – No Minutes
SHC Agenda 2013-09-04 SHC Minutes 2013-09-04 w attachments
SHC Agenda 2013-10-02 SHC Minutes 2013-10-02
SHC Agenda 2013-11-06 Nov
Dec Dec


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