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Optimism Flows At Forum About Wing’s Future

JAMES KINSELLA | Cape Cod Times | April 20, 2015

Wing Forum
One hundred and thirty people get ready to watch a presentation about the condition of the Henry T. Wing School on April 13 at town hall. The Wing building no longer will be used as a public school at the conclusion of the current school year. Town officials are seeking ideas for repurposing the building.

Some people would look at the Henry T. Wing School and see an aging, cobbled-together building with serious (read “expensive”) structural and electrical problems.

Others would look at the same 104,000-square-foot building and see a structure that could meet a variety of town needs—including centralized town offices, cultural and artistic space, and senior housing—under the same if varied roof.

The latter viewpoint far outweighed the former at the Monday night, April 13, forum on repurposing the Water Street building, slated to close as a public school this year. More than 130 people attended.

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