The 250th Celebration – 1889

The 275th Celebration – 1914

The 300th Celebration – 1939

The 325th Celebration – 1964

The 350th Celebration – 1987

The 375th Celebration – 2014

Celebrating 375 years of incorporation, Sandwich is where Cape Cod begins. Settled in 1637, incorporated in 1639, it is the oldest town on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Canal 100th Anniversary:

Sandwich is located on both sides of the Cape Cod Canal (which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014 ).  Sandwich’s dynamic community both loves and embraces the town’s rich culture, proud heritage and pristine beauty.
A canal linking Cape Cod to Buzzards Bay had been contemplated since the earliest days of the Plymouth Colony, but the first real attempt to dig a canal did not take place until 1880 – at least until the 400-plus Italian immigrants, deprived of food and compensation, descended on Sandwich Village to demand satisfaction! Thus started . . .

The Neapolitan Revolt:

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  1. A fascinating and beautifully done film on the history of the canal.
    It holds a special place I my memory of many family visits there in
    East Sandwich. We used to go to the canal in Sandwich to watch,
    walk, picnic, or buy fresh fish. I am an Armstrong, Hoxie, Wing, and
    Nye descendant who now lives in the Sonoran Desert.

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