CPA Projects

Historic Projects Funded by the Community Preservation Act

Since 2006, the CPA has provided $5,066,620 in historic preservation funding in Sandwich.

The following list of historic projects were funded by the Community Preservation Committee. For a full list, and details, see the Community Preservation Coalition’s site.

Project Name Approval Date Description CPA Historic Funds
Old Town Cemetery Master Cemetery 5/6/2013 For the purpose of preserving, restoring and protecting burial stones in the Old Town Cemetery on Grove Street $45,000
Preservation of Manuscripts & Photos 10/12/2012 For the purpose of preserving, restoring and protecting historic Town of Sandwich records, documents photographs and other archival materials $17,000
Town Hall Restoration 5/7/2012 Town Hall Restoration-Phase II $350,000
Town Archives Needs Assessment & Preservation Plan 11/7/2011 Preserving, restoring and prottecting historic Town of Sandwich records, documents, photographs and other archival materials. $25,000
Restoration of burial stones at Sandwich Old Cemetery 5/2/2011 Restoration of burial stones at the Sandwich Old Cemetery on Grove Street. $10,000
National Historic District Signs 5/2/2011 Install signs on major local and state roads for three (3)new National Historic Districts in Sandwich: Jarvesville, Spring Hill, Town Hall Square. $16,000
Town Hall Restoration 5/3/2010 Restoration of historic stencils and etchings in the 2nd floor meeting hall. $100,000
Sandwich Town Library 5/3/2010 Restoration of historic portion of the library built in 1909. Including work to the slate roof, windows and doors. $200,000
Vital Records Preservation-Town Clerk Office 5/3/2010 Preservation of historic records and vault restoration in the town clerks office. This porject will protect aging documents such as town records, births, deaths, etc. Some of these date back to 1692. $93,000
Greenville-Forestdale School 5/3/2010 Restoration of historic one room school house. Including window & door restoration. $55,000
Upper Shawme Pond Dam 5/3/2010 Construct a small footbrige over the newly contruction dam spillway. $12,000
Town Hall Restoration 5/4/2009 Additional funds to complete restoration of 1834 building. $950,000
Deacon Eldred House roof repairs 5/4/2009 Roof repairs to historic building owed by Town of Sandwich and leased to the Thorton Burgess Society. The building is located at 4 Water Street in the historic center of Sandwich $50,000
Upper Shawme Pond Dam 5/5/2008 Replacement of Upper Shawme Pond Dam, additional appropriation $340,000
Town Hall Restoration 1/14/2008 Complete restoration of 1834 Town Hall building, including structural repairs, updating of building systems, and restoration of meeting hall to allow use for public meetings and events. $2,050,000
Town Archives Needs Assessment & Preservation Plan 5/7/2007 For the purpose of performing and completing a needs assessment survey and preservation plan for the Town Historic Archives. $6,000
Preservation of Manuscripts & Photos 5/7/2007 For preserving historic manuscripts and photos for the Sandwich Town Archives $72,620
First Church of Christ 5/7/2007 Additional appropriation for preservation work at the First Church of Christ $200,000
Old Town Cemetery Master Cemetery 5/7/2007 For performing and completing a preservation master plan for the Sandwich Old Town Cemetery $60,000
Upper Shawme Pond Dam 9/25/2006 For replacing and completing repairs, renovations, improvements and related professional services to the Upper Shawme Pond Dam, and for the preservation of the historic millpond landscape $400,000
Hoxie House 5/1/2006 For completing preservation repairs and improvements to the Hoxie House.  The Hoxie House is the oldest house on Cape Cod, is located in the Sandwich Village historic area, and is open to the public. $65,000
First Church of Christ 5/1/2006 For performing preservation architectural and other professional services for the First Church of Christ.  The Church is an active church in a historic building located at the center of the village historic area. $8,500