Historic Districts

The Sandwich Historical Commission laid out 22 local historic districts and documented 815 individual historic properties between 1973 and 1994. They further designated three National Register Historic Districts: Jarvesville, Town Hall Square and Spring Hill, in 2010.

The map, below, outlines the local historic districts in blue, marks the contributing properties of the National Register districts in red and the other historic properties in green. Scroll down for close-up maps of each district.

Overview map of Sandwich historical locations
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Map of Jarvesville Historic District

Map of Town Hall Square Historic District

Map of Spring Hill Historic District

Designated Local Historic Districts

Sandwich’s LHDs are listed with their MACRIS inventory number.

Inventory   District Name
SDW.A         Sandwich Center Village
SDW.B         Sandwich Center – East
SDW.C         Jarvesville (Local)
SDW.D         Main Street – Charles Street Area
SDW.E         Route 6A – Sandwich Village Bypass Area
SDW.F         Shawme Road Area
SDW.G         Route 6A – West Area
SDW.H         Town Neck
SDW.I          Main Street – Route 130 Area
SDW.J          Forestdale
SDW.K         South Sandwich
SDW.L         Spring Hill
SDW.M        Route 6A Area
SDW.N         Route 6A East – Scorton Marsh
SDW.O         Old County Road Area
SDW.P         Crow Farm
SDW.Q         Sandwich Fish Hatchery
SDW.R         Old King’s Highway Regional Historic District
SDW.S          Town Hall Square Historic District (Local)
SDW.T         Camp Edwards – Cantonment Blocks 12 and 13
SDW.U         Otis Air Force Base – BOMARC Missile Facility
SDW.W        Jarvesville Historic District (National Register)
SDW.X         Town Hall Square Historic District (National Register)
SDW.Y          Spring Hill Historic District (National Register)
SDW.Z          Cape Cod Canal

 Details for each District can be found on the MACRIS website.