Historic Maps

The Historical Commission is fortunate to have access to these digitized versions of the oldest maps of Cape Cod and New England anywhere in the world and we are proud to offer them here.

These files are very large, requiring over a minute to download, even with a high-speed connection. For best results, save the files to your hard drive and view them with your operating system’s photo viewer. Dial-up connections may be too slow to effectively use these products.

These maps are available for research and education and are not for commercial purposes.
They are made available through the generosity of James Wilson, the Boston Public Library, and others.

Index of historic maps with links to their posts.

CAUTION: These are large files and thus may be slow to download or view.

Sandwich Maps

1794 Series Sandwich – Mass Archives
1857 Sandwich Village
1857 Sandwich – Greenville (Forestdale)
1858 Sandwich Village w/Business Directory
1858 Barnstable WEST (VERY LARGE FILE)
1858 Barnstable EAST (VERY LARGE FILE)
1880 Barnstable Co. – Pocasset & North Sandwich
1880 Barnstable Co. – Town of Sandwich
1880 Barnstable Co. – Sandwich Center & Spring Hill
1880 Barnstable Co. – West Sandwich
1884 Poole Sandwich Bird’s Eye Map

Other Cape Cod Maps (coming soon)

1776 Cape Cod Canal – Mass Archives
1795 Barnstable Town – Mass Archives
1831 Barnstable Town – Mass Archives
1844 Barnstable County Road Map
1866 Cape Cod Bay Duxbury to N. Dennis
1872 Cape Cod Bay / Atlantic Ocean
1877 Cape Cod Bay / Atlantic Ocean
1735 Coastal Chart – Penobscot Bay to Long Island
1776 New England
1795 Massachusetts
1826 Cape Cod Canal Study Map
1858 Barnstable Co.
Midcape Study Plan – Farms Rd to Poor House Rd.

4 Responses to Historic Maps

  1. Janet Tobkin says:

    Does the Commission sell reproductions of historic maps that are for personal framing in our home?

  2. Martin says:

    When did Greenville officially become Forestdale? Any particular reason why? I know there is still a neighborhood in Forestdale known as Greenville. Thanks!

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