Historic Marker Program

General Information & Instructions

Purpose: Antique homes and historic sites are significant features of the town of Sandwich. The Historic Marker Program was established to honor the town’s history and the stewardship that preserves its special character. The program recognizes each property with a handsome dated sign that helps raise awareness of and appreciation for the historic nature of your home or business as one of our most treasured assets.

Eligibility: Any building that is at least 100 years of age is eligible for a historic marker. Also eligible is any building on the National Register of Historic Places or that the Sandwich Historical Commission (SHC) determines to be historically significant.

Documentation and review: The age and original owner of the property must be substantiated. The authenticating research can be done by the homeowner or a member of the SHC. (Please understand that SHC volunteers will research on your behalf as their time permits.) Homeowners who wish to do their own documentation should go here for some guidance and additional instructions. The application and supporting documentation will be reviewed at a regularly scheduled SHC meeting. The applicant will be informed of the meeting date. Once the review is complete, signs are usually ready within two weeks.

Design and cost
: Each oval marker measures 9”x15” and is made of 3/4” MDO weatherproof signboard. Each marker is painted white with forest green lettering and is sealed. Holes are pre-drilled and stainless steel mounting hardware is included. These individually made markers are $105 and available only through the SHC. (The commission offers a five year replacement warranty as funds allow.)

What information is displayed? The marker will include the original owner’s name or original building name as well as the year or approximate year of construction. In certain circumstances, an alternate name will be considered if the individual was a significant owner or occupant.

Where will it be installed? For consistency and to assist visitors to Sandwich admiring your historic home or business, markers are expected to be installed so they are easily viewable from the street, usually on the front façade.

How do I apply? Complete the online application or click here to print a hard copy of the application and mail it in following the instructions provided.

Questions: Email our program coordinators at HistoricalCommission@sandwichmass.org or call:
Joanne Richardson –  860-989-6864
June Murphy –  508-246-9111

The Sandwich Old King’s Highway Historic District Committee reviewed the above SHC procedures; approved this particular style, color, and size of the SHC decorative and historic markers; and agreed that no additional Sandwich Historic District permit or hearing is needed.

View Online Application Form HERE

Download Printable Application HERE

List of Historic Houses