Historic Marker Program

Antique homes, historic sites and landscapes are significant features of Sandwich. The Historic Marker Program honors the town’s history and the stewardship that has preserved its special character over the years. The program recognizes historic homes and buildings by a dated wooden sign approved by the Sandwich Historical Commission to help raise the awareness and appreciation of your home or business and the most treasured resources of Sandwich.

View and download the Sandwich Historic Marker Program Application: HERE

List of Historic Houses

Methodist Church 1847 Historic Marker

Each oval marker measures 9” x 15” inches and is made of ó” MDO weatherproof sign-board. The marker is sealed and painted white with forest green lettering and individually made. Holes are pre-drilled and stainless steel mounting hardware is included. Markers are available only through the Sandwich Historical Commission (SHC) for a cost of $95.00. See the Application and details below for more information.

To find out if you qualify for a Historic Marker, or if you are interested, please read the following details:
•Buildings of at least 100 years of age (or those listed on the National Register or determined by the Sandwich Historical Commission to be historically significant) are eligible.
•Research is to be completed by the homeowner (or consultant and/or volunteer). Such research should begin with a review of the Historic Asset List (MHC Form B) and other local historical resources on file in the Archives Room of the Sandwich Public Library. The Archivist Deb Rich is able to offer assistance. Members of the Sandwich Historical Commission are available on a limited basis to undertake research on behalf of homeowners in the Barnstable Registry of Deeds and other sources of data.
John H Chipman Historic Marker•Markers will display the original owner’s name (or original building name) and the year (or circa year) of construction. In certain circumstances, an alternate name will be considered by the Sandwich Historical Commission (SHC) if the individual was a significant owner or occupant of the building. Markers are generally expected to be located on the front facade of your historic home or building.
•Applications will be reviewed and discussed at a regularly scheduled SHC meeting and applicants will be informed of the meeting date. The sign will be completed 2 weeks following the meeting date.

The Sandwich Old King’s Highway Historic District Committee has reviewed the above SHC procedures, approved this particular style, color, & size of SHC decorative and historic marker, and agreed that no additional Sandwich Historic District permit or hearing is needed.

Application Deadline: Marker applications must be completed and received by the commission more than seven days prior to any meeting in order to be considered at that meeting. Applications received less than seven days prior to any meeting will be considered at the next regular meeting.

If you have any questions about the program, eligibility, or application please contact the program coordinator, William F. Daley: wfdaley[at]comcast.net