Historic Town Neck Brickyard Exposed by Erosion

Update: Jan. 2, 2015 – Sandwich Scrambles To Fill Beach Cut on CapeNews.net

It’s not news to anyone that Town Neck Beach erosion is worsening due to the blockage of longshore transport of sand by the canal. Recent efforts to secure dredge material from the canal have highlighted the exposure of bricks and ash from the historic brick kiln. Our own Don Bayley was recently interviewed for Cape Cast. There will be a test at the end.

What year did the kiln start operations? How did the brick kiln save Sandwich from shelling by the British? And what war was it?

And there’s this, from WBZ Chanel 4 in Boston, shown on their evening newscast November 20, 2014. Catch a glimps of 3 Historical Commission members, Don Bayley, Lisa Hassler, and Carolyn Crowell. The rest of us ended up on the cutting room floor.