Research Guidance: For homeowners doing their own research

The purpose of the research is to determine the age and original owner of the property. To substantiate that, documentation must include a copy of the earliest recorded deed or comparable record, e.g., original tax records, newspaper accounts, or other creditable evidence obtained from reputable sources such as the Sandwich Town Archives, Sturgis Library, or Barnstable Registry of Deeds.

Ensure the source of each record is clear; if it’s not, annotate each document as needed.

Research should begin with a review of the Historic Asset List (MHC Form B) and other local historical resources on file in the Archives Room of the Sandwich Public Library. The Archivist is able to offer assistance. Information on some of Sandwich’s many historic properties is available here.

When complete, send the documentation to the SHC. The first page should be a summary of the information you think should appear on the marker:

  • The year built (if only the approximate year is known, write “circa” and then the year)
  • The original owner’s name or the original building or business name
  • Alternate name to appear on the marker (if applicable)
  • Significance of alternate name (if applicable)

If more information is needed the SHC will contact you or may supplement your documentation with their own research.

See the application form for payment and mailing instructions.