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A View From the Chair – April 2012

Our Home’s History Is Our History

We have two direct connections to history: our family and our home. Family members pass and leave us with cherished memories, but our beloved homes tend to outlive us. They are what remain of those who lived there long ago.

Whose hands slid down the stair rail and spun around the newel post at the bottom? How many faces have gazed at winter storms held back by rippled glass in the window, and welcomed fresh breezes in the spring? American history can be studied in books, but houses have personal histories you can touch and feel. Small homes harbor the warmth and simplicity that most early American families shared. Those families made the glass, tilled the soil, built the schools, and filled the churches. Kitchen fires filled the air with the fragrance of meats, fruit pies, and home made breads. Their lives were full of the experience of everything they beheld.

Our historic houses are a vital connection to our heritage. Their preservation continues that connection to our descendents and becomes one of the few tangible bonds to our ancestors.

Terry Blake, Chair

A View From The Chair – October 2011

View From The Chair-Oct-2011The Sandwich Historical Commission welcomes its newest member, Don Bayley. His appointment to the commission was approved by the Sandwich Board of Selectmen on Thursday, October 20 for a term of (almost) three years. Don has been doing several projects for us since joining as a volunteer in April of this year and we’re sure he will be a great asset for years to come.

Volunteers Welcomed

Our call for new volunteers has not gone unanswered. I have another fish taking a nibble at the bait right now and hope to have him on the hook and landed on the deck before the next meeting. So if you’re considering joining us, or just interested in what we do, please drop me an email. You will be in good company. My address is tblake[at]sandwichhistory.org
Of course, you will replace [at] with @.

Terry Blake, Chair

A View From the Chair – September 2011

View from the Chair-Sep-2011The Sandwich Historical Commission is entering an exciting phase. Thanks to the contributions of our members and volunteers, we have recently achieved some notable steps in our mission to document the town’s historical assets.

Looking Back

Just in the last few months we have seen the following accomplishments:

There are important projects in work as well, including a vital headstone restoration project and an archival documentation project. Continue reading A View From the Chair – September 2011

Old Windows – Save Thousands of Dollars

Historic Window Tip Sheets

There is an epidemic spreading across the country. In the name of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, replacement window manufacturers are convincing people to replace their historic wood windows. The result is the rapid erosion of a building’s character, the waste of a historic resource, and a potential net loss in energy conservation. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has prepared this excellent PDF document for homeowners considering window replacement. View Window Tip Sheet. Fine Homebuilding magazine has another good resource, Should Your Old Wood Windows Be Saved?

Historic Marker Program In The Sandwich Enterprise

Historic Marker Program Leads To Unusual Discoveries

On news stands now! Local news story encourages local pride in historic homes through inclusion in Historical Commission’s program.
Read what may be hidden under the old floorboards.

A feature article by Mary Stanley is on the front page of the April 22, 2011 issue of The Sandwich Enterprise. Capenews.net members can read the article on line. Get yours now.

Sandwich Enterprise 4/22/2011