Timothy Ruggles – The Rise and Fall of a Massachusetts Loyalist

By Bill Daley

Timothy Ruggles of Sandwich was a prominent leader in the Massachusetts colony during the time immediately preceding the American Revolution in 1775. Had he not been a Loyalist, he might have been one of the founding fathers of the new nation.

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3 Responses to Timothy Ruggles – The Rise and Fall of a Massachusetts Loyalist

  1. Jim Ruggles says:

    Hi, my name is James (Jim) Ruggles, and I am a direct descendant of Brig Gen Ruggles. I live in Toronto, Ontario currently, but our family has roots near Middleton, Nova Scotia since Timothy’s arrival there in 1783. I have visited Rochester, Mass. to see the gravesites of his father, mother and other members of the family and I have visited the (now private) home/tavern/hotel of Ruggles and Bathesheba Bourne in Sandwich.
    I am attempting an updated biographical sketch, and I am looking for information specifically on his early legal/political career in the Sandwich, Barnstable area, where he practiced. I have heard mention of his interactions with/against James Otis of the same area, but lack stories or details of trials, outcomes, successes/failures. I would also value any detail of family life while living in Sandwich. I know that Bathsheba Bourne was a widow with a sizeable family when Timothy married her, but that is about all…
    Are there records in the area which i might access online?
    I am also interested in detail of a later period in Ruggles’ life as a politician, when he was invited to duel with Thomas McKean. Any direction to detail would be appreciated. thanks Jim

  2. Carol D. Andrews says:

    Hello again, Bill,
    I posted a reply to your fine biographical sketch of Timothy Ruggles a few years ago.
    Now I am wondering if you have uncovered any genealogical information about his wife Bathsheba that would explain Abigail Adams’ mocking description of her as “nut-brown?” Do you have a copy of her family tree?

    Could you please send an image of the house that was once the Newcomb Tavern?
    Thank you for your help.
    Carol D. Andrews

  3. Penny Hannon says:

    My name is Penny Hannon. I am on the board of trustees for the Hardwick Historical Society in Hardwick, Massachusetts. Like you, we have a direct link to Brig. Gen. Timothy Ruggles. I was wondering if there is a way we can get in touch with each other about getting more information regarding him and maybe collaborating on an article.

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