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As an escape from all the bad news these days the Historical Comission is designing a virtual Walking Tour of Sandwich. There is an app for this called PocketSights that you can load on your phone. Here’s what we have so far:


For information on walking tours held by the Historical Commission and the Sandwich Glass Museum click the link below:


2 thoughts on “Walking Tours

  1. I am visiting Sandwich in late Sept. My family is from Peter Gaunt (1660s). Do you have any specific suggestions for my visit?

    1. Bill Daley, Sandwich Historical Commission, suggests the following:
      There are a lot of things do do in Sandwich during your visit. Given your historic family commendations you may want to:
      1. Visit the Sandwich Glass Museum
      2. Visit the Heritage Museum and Gardens
      3. Take the Walking Tour of Sandwich Village on a Saturday.
      4. Go to the iconic Sandwich Boardwalk and enjoy the beach and scenery.
      5. Visit the Sandwich Archives.
      6. Go the the Cape Cod Canal and marina and enjoy the surroundings.
      7. Eat at many of the restaurants in the area.
      8. Take a leisurely drive down Rte 6A , the Old Kings Highway.
      9. Stop at the Hoxie House, the Grist Mill, the Wing Fort House or the Nye Homestead

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